Paddle / Spade Bits

DareDevil™ spade bits were designed to answer the needs of professional users in terms of speed, ease of use and hole quality. A first for spade bits, the full cone threaded tip provides the speed needed to drill faster and it pulls the bit through the material with less effort and vibration than other spade bits. These new innovative DareDevil™ spade bits are available in 4" stubby, 6" and 16" lengths. 6" and 12" extensions are also available along with variety of sets ranging from three to 13 piece mixes.
DareDevil STUBBY Length (4") Spade Bits
The "STUBBY" length Spade / Paddle bit is for those tight area jobs. Only 4" in length and with the "DareDevil" technology, your job will be finished in no time!
DareDevil Standard Length (6") Paddle / Spade Bit
All Bosch Spade Bits come with a "Hex Shank" with POWER GROOVE! The Contoured Paddle allows for faster chip removal and the "FULL CONE" threaded Tip gives fast and efortless drilling. ALL DareDevil bis have build in a "Sur & Reamer" for cleaner holes!
DareDevil EXTENDED LENGTH (16") Spade Bits
If you need to drill a deep hole or just have need for an EXTENDED LENGTH Spade Bit, this is the one for you! Bosch innovation has come up with the faster and easiest drilling spade bit on the market. If your job calls for an extra long bit, help is here
Get the High Quality DAREDEVIL BITS in a set. 3, 6 or 13 piece sets available.