Nelson Firestop - FSC3™ Joint Coating, 5 Gallon Pail,AA0868

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Nelson Fire Stop Products
Manufacturer: Nelson Fire Stop Products
Manufacturer Part No: AA0868
PHTS Number: NELAA0868

FSC3™ Joint Coating Technical Data 

Product Description

Nelson Firestop Joint Coating (FSC3™) is a water based acrylic latex, elastomeric, fire protective coating for use on construction joints. It is designed for labor saving spray applications onto construction joints and perimeter joint systems (curtain wall assemblies). 


FSC3™ coating is spray, brush or trowelled applied over a min. 4” depth of mineral wool insulation packed within the joint width. FSC3™ is specifically for applications in construction joints, wall to wall, floor to wall, floor to floor, head of wall and perimeter joint curtain wall aplications where thermal expansion and contraction of joints may beencountered. Actual installation may vary according to the type of joint to be protected. Joint surfaces should be clean and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, loose material, rust or other substances. A 1/8” wet
thickness is applied over the insulation and overlaps the joint surfaces by a minimum ½”. Product cures to a nominal 1/16" dry thickness. 


AA0868 - 5 Gallon Pail (19.0L) – 1,155 cu. in. 

Sprayer Requirements

Use a mid-sized commercial pump at minimum. An Airlessco SL810 sprayer with 5 gal suction setup, 50’ x 3/8” airless hose, 007XL spray gun with 0.019 or 0.021 tip is a recommendation. 


Underwriters Laboratories Inc.Fill, Void or Cavity Material (XHHW)

Omega Point Laboratories Joint Sealant (Category 07920)

City of New York, New York, Department ofBuildings MEA 127-04-M Vol. II

MEA 127-04-M


Up to 4-Hour Ratings

Water-Based Acrylic Latex – Easy clean-up

Elastomeric (Flexible Cure)


Water Resistant

Acoustically Tested – Reduces noise transmission 

Physical Properties


Coverage………….65 sq. ft. per 5-gallon pail

Weight……………..10.5 Lbs. Per gallon

Viscosity……………24m cps maximum

Application Temp…40°F (4°C) to 90°F (32°C)


PH…………………..8.0 – 9.0

STC Rating…………52

Test Compliance

ASTM E84 Flame spread………….…0

Smoke developed..…..….0 

ASTM E90 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements ASTM E814 and UL1479 Test method for through-penetration firestops. ASTM E1399 Test method for cyclic movement and measuring min. and max. joint width. ASTM E1966 and UL2079 Test method for fire resistance of building joint systems. 

Testing Data

For specific test criteria, refer to the UL Fire Resistance Directory and Omega Point laboratories Directory. 

Storage & Handling

Nelson FSC3™ should be stored at temperatures between 40°F (4°C) and 90°F (32°C). Do not dilute. Protect from freezing. Expected shelf life is one year from date of shipment.



Wear eye protection. Do not spray gun at any part of the body. Fluid at high pressure can penetrate the skin and cause internal injury. Observe spray equipment manufacturer’s instructions and warnings. In case of an injury, obtain medical attention immediately. 


Joint Coating



Areas to be protected must be clean and free of oil, loose dirt or rust. Installation temperatures must be between 40 oF (4oC) and 90oF (32oC).



Selection of an appropriate firestop application system design is critical to the fire protection process. Please consult the Nelson Firestop directory and application guide as well as the UL Fire Resistance Directory for additional information.


Tightly pack min. 4pcf mineral wool batt insulation into the annular space. The insulation should be compressed 50% in the nominal joint and compressed 33% or 25% (see specific UL system for compressed percentage) into the fluted area and flush with both surfaces of the wall. In perimeter joint systems, the insulation should be compressed 25% in the nominal joint.


Apply Nelson Firestop Joint Coating (FSC3™) using an airless sprayer over the mineral wool insulation to a nominal 1/8” thick wet applied coating. In joint systems, overlap the coating ½” onto the wall and floor/roof. In perimeter joints, overlap the coating ½” onto the top surface of the floor and curtain wall a min. ½”. In through penetrations, overlap the coating ½” onto the edges of the opening and the penetrant surfaces by a min. ½”. In Wall-to-Wall or Head of Wall joint systems or wall through penetrations, the coating isapplied to both sides of the wall.



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