High Absorbency PADS,*GENERAL PURPOSE*,16"x20x1/8"",Natural Cellulose, Bale of 200,ABS34302

MSRP: $198.00
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Absorption Corp
Manufacturer: Absorption Corp
Manufacturer Part No: 134302
PHTS Number: ABS34302
Compare Absorbent W and GP versus Polypropylene and Clay


  • Liquids are absorbed into the fibers of Absorbent W and GP - Liquids adhere to the exterior surfaces of clay, poly, and diatomaceous earth
  • Absorbed liquids are retained, they do not leach or drain
  • Absorbs instantly on contact
  • Absorbs up to 6 times more than mineral sorbents (clay, diatomaceous earth)
  • Tough - won't rip easily and withstands forklift & foot traffic
  • Absorbs all liquids except strong inorganic acids and caustics
  • Anti-static
  • Non-abrasive - will not damage machinery or equipment
  • Works in all temperatures, sub-freezing to hot!
  • ITS GREEN!! - 100% ORGANIC - Environmentally Friendly!
  • Environmentally safe with several disposal options:
    • LANDFILL - Passes and exceeds Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and Paint Filter Test (PFT) - WILL NOT LEACH OR DRAIN, ELIMINATES FREE LIQUIDS
    • INCINERATION - High BTU's,Clean burning and low ash.
    • BIOREMEDIATION - Biodegradable, will break down to natural organic elements with use of microbial enzyme action. 

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