Nightstick HEADLAMPS are known for their power and solid design. All Nightstick headlamps feature a dual-light spotlight/floodlight/dual-light.
Tactical Flashlights
The Nightstick Tactical flashlights are just about unbreakable. Manufactured with the highest quality. ALL tactical flashlights are WATERPROOF.
Multi-purpose Flashlights
See all the Multi-purpose flashlights highlighted by the NIGHTSTICK brand by Bayco Products.
Intrinsically Safe Flashlights & Headlamps
Se the line of Nightstick INTRINSICALLY SAFE flashlights and headlamps. Intrinsically safe for both above and below ground hazardous locations where explosive gases and dusts may be present.
Helmet Light Kits, Mounts, and Accessories.
See the full line of Helmet Light Kits as well as Mounts for Fire Helmets and Hardhats.