PROFILM 24"x50 ft, Heavy Duty Carpet Mask Protection Film, Poly-Tak,PTAKFM730

MSRP: $29.00
You Save: $11.00 (38 %)
Poly-tak Jobsite Protection Products
Manufacturer: Poly-tak Jobsite Protection Products
Manufacturer Part No: FM730
PHTS Number: PTAKFM730

Carpet Protection Films 

24" x 50 ft.

When your carpet needs to be protected against continuous heavy usage, choose FILMTECH Carpet Protection Films for maximum protection. Both Premium and ProFilm grades provide strength, superb puncture and tear resistance, and with our special adhesive backing, will maintain a smooth walking surface without lifting at the edges or in the middle of your path. Simply roll out the film for long lasting, durable protection.

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