Absorbent SOCK,4"x10 ft, Open Mesh, Absorption Corp.5/CASE,ABS53021

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Absorption Corp
Manufacturer: Absorption Corp
Manufacturer Part No: 153021
PHTS Number: ABS53021
Organic type Absorbent products are more efficient, as fewer products are required to complete a clean up task than the synthetic (polypropylene) or mineral (clay) based products. The Instant Absorption of spilled liquids results in a fast recovery from a Spill, with less labor hours spent on the job. Environmentally acceptable disposal options include direct burial, incineration, and bioremediation.

Absorbent W  particulate is designed to contain and control hydrocarbons (oil-based liquids) while repelling water.  Absorbent W is made from wood pulp reclaimed from the manufacturing of paper products.  Manufactured through a patented process, it absorbs oil immediately on contact while repelling water; it even floats when saturated.  The hydrocarbons are absorbed into the cellulose fibers, preventing leaching in and draining commonly associated with polypropylene sorbents.  The performance attributes of Absorbent W particulate make it ideal for clean up of oil-based liquids in the presence of water.

Competitive advantages of Absorbent W over polypropylene and clay absorbents:
Absorbs liquids within fibers vs. absorbing liquids on fibers exterior only
Absorbs immediately on contact, faster than polypropylene and clay
Absorbs up to 2-3 times more volume than polypropylene absorbents
Retains the liquid absorbed; prevents leaching and draining of sorbed liquids
Absorbs all hydrocarbons while repelling water
Absorbs up to 7 times more volume than clay sorbents
Floats, even when  fully saturated, for easy retrieval
One 50-quart bag of Absorbent W is equivalent to one 50 pound bag of clay in volume of liquid absorbed
Filter medium; alternative to carbon, sand and earth
No free silica—prevents health problems (silicosis) associated with clay and diatomaceous earth
Non-abrasive to machinery
Works in all temperatures, sub-freezing to hot
100% organic—environmentally friendly
Increases options for disposal
Landfill—won’t leach/drain even under compression, eliminates free liquid problems
Incinerable at low temperatures (industrial boilers, etc.)
Bioremediation—will break down to natural organic elements with use of microbial enzyme action
Environmentally responsible from origin to disposal
The environmentally alternative to polypropylene

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