3/16" X 3" Round Head Toggle Bolt, Simpson, 50/box, SIMSWBT18300R

MSRP: $17.00
$8.50 per box of 50 pieces
Simpson Strong-Tie Anchors
Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-Tie Anchors
Manufacturer Part No: SWBT18300R
PHTS Number: SIMSWBT18300R

SWTBSpring Wing Toggle Bolts

The Spring Wing Toggle Bolt is designed for installation in hollow wall construction consisting of base materials such as gypsum wallboard and ungrouted CMU. The Spring Wing Toggle provides a large bearing area to distribute the applied loads. The Spring Wing Toggle Bolt comes complete with Spring Wing Toggle and machine screw (combo phillips and slot head). The Spring Wing Toggle may also be purchased separately (see table below).

SWTB Round Head

SWTB Mushroom Head


Wing – Cold-rolled steel, zinc plated.

Screw – Cold-rolled steel, zinc plated.


  • Drill hole using the specified diameter bit noted in the table.
  • Insert screw through fixture; thread screw into toggle wing.
  • Push toggle wing through drilled hole and tighten.
Installation Sequence

Installation Sequence
SWTB Product Data
SWTB Product Data
  1. R = Round Head; M = Mushroom Head.
  2. Models available in Round or Mushroom heads.
SWT Product Data (Toggle only)
swt toggle

SWT Toggle

SWT Product Data (Toggle only)

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