1/4" x 2" Nailon (Zamac, metal hit anchor),Mushroom head,100/box,SIMZN25200

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Simpson Strong-Tie Anchors
Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-Tie Anchors
Manufacturer Part No: ZN25200
PHTS Number: SIMZN25200
Zinc Nailon™ (Mushroom Head) Product Data and Tension and Shear Loads in Normal-Weight Concrete
Zinc Nailon Product Data and Tension and Shear Loads in Concrete
  1. The allowable loads listed are based on a safety factor of 4.0.
  2. Bulk Nailons come packed in a single carton of 1,000. To order add a "B" onto the end of the model number. Example: ZN25100B. Not available with stainless-steel pins.

cautionCaution: Oversized holes will make it difficult to set the anchor and will lower the anchor's load capacity.

Not for use in overhead applications
These anchors are not recommended for eccentric tension (prying) loading. Capacity can be greatly reduced in such applications.


  • Drill a hole in the base material using a carbide drill bit the same diameter as the nominal diameter of the anchor to be installed. Drill the hole to the specified embedment depth plus 1/8" for pin extension and blow it clean using compressed air. Alternatively, drill the hole deep enough to accommodate embedment depth and dust from drilling.
  • Position fixture, insert Nailon anchor.
  • Tap with hammer until flush with fixture; drive pin until flush with top of head.
Installation Sequence
install sequence

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